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How to Join PCSC

PCSC is a Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) service offering that provides a forum for industry security and logistics professionals to exchange supply chain risk intelligence. Join PCSC to strengthen your partnerships and make connections with the leaders in supply chain security. 

Download the PCSC membership application. 

Membership is divided into the following categories:

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership entitles ALL employees from that company to the benefits and services of the PCSC.


Retailers, health systems or other entities that dispense healthcare products.


A company (other than a manufacturer, a manufacturer’s co-licensed partner, a third-party logistics provider or repackager) engaged in the wholesale distribution of healthcare products.


A company engaged in the development, manufacturing or labeling of healthcare products.

Non-Pharmaceutical Corporate Membership

Any company with an interest in supply chain or general security practices, procedures and/or intelligence.

Service Provider

Companies that provide services to the healthcare supply chain, including technology, security, shipping, material handling, insurance, etc.

Individual Membership

Under this category, the benefits and services of the PCSC are entitled solely to the individual.


Any individual with an interest in supply chain or general security topics; open to all industries. More than two individual members from the same company will require a corporate membership.

Government/Law Enforcement Membership

Under this category, the benefits and services of the PCSC are entitled to the individual and organization.

Government/Law Enforcement

Personnel associated with any federal, state and/or local law enforcement. This includes any country’s federal law enforcement agencies (in the United States, examples would be the FDA, DEA, DHS or FBI); state police agencies; local police and county agencies; etc. This offering also extends to all branches of a country’s military services.

Contact Us

For more information or assistance regarding membership, contact: 

Chuck Forsaith, Vice President, PCSC, at (401) 623-1344; or, 

Lisa Kanfer, Vice President, Membership and Development, at (703) 885-0270.

PCSC is a separate and distinct offering within the HDA. PCSC member companies that are not also members of HDA in other membership categories are not afforded access to the full range of HDA member benefits. Examples of exclusions would be attendance to HDA's Business and Leadership Conference, access to non-PCSC committees and other HDA-specific programs and services.

Join HDA

HDA membership provides access to networking opportunities, research, member-developed education and resources for the healthcare supply chain.

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